bioelectric stimulation addiction treatment technology

Precise bioelectrical stimulation signaling sequences for controlled addiction treatment protein expressions.

Electroacupuncture and bioelectric stimulation controlled protein modulation may effectively modulate mesolimbi dopamine neurons and other factors involved with reducing the effects of positive and negative reinforcement involved with drug and alcohol addition including opiates.

The AddictiStim bioelectric stimulation addiction treatment technology is aimed at abusers including those that have the most treatment-resistant cravings for opioids, who may face a lifetime of overdoses, relapses, inability to hold a job and other consequences of addiction.

AddticStim is developing serotonin modulation and stimulation technologies with multimodal action specific to the serotonin neurotransmission system. To be precise, AddictiStim is attempting to modulate and control one or more serotonin production centers in the body and accompanying receptors.

AddictiStim believes bioelectric stimulation control of up-regulation of circulating klotho may have a positive effect on reducing addition tendencies and plans to undertake studies to explore this avenue further.

The Problem

Addiction effects more than 20 million Americans.

  • Counseling has limited efficiency
  • Drug treatment is in-effective
  • Existing solutions alternatives are poor or nonexistent

The Solution

AddictiStim bioelectric stimulation is intended to rebalance your brain and get you back on a healthy track combined with a good diet, exercise, hydration and proper sleep.

Our patent-pending bioelectric stimulation controlled expression of KLOTHO may be a breakthrough in addiction therapy.

Klotho may be the key!

People low in cloth may be far more likely to be alcoholics or addicts.

Market Size


Total Addressable Market


Servable Available Market


Share of Market Target


  • Only devices that stimulates release of KLOTHO
  • Klotho is a powerful anti-aging protein with high potential to treat depression
  • We will work with both mental health clinics and consumer direct channels
  • Our strategy is to work with mental health physicians and win their support with good science and to also in parallel develop a consumer-direct campaign utilizing modern marketing tools.
  • Our goal is to first win over the top 20 influence leaders in the field with good science.

We aim to complete pilot clinical study in 30 patients by year end 2021.

How it works:

1. Stimulate brain / head 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 6 to 8 weeks.
2. Stimulate stomach / kidney 45 minutes 1X a week for 3 months.
3. Stimulate ear lobes vagus nerve system 30 minutes 2X a month for 3 months.
4. Electro-acupuncture stimulation at clinic 1X a month for 12 months.